Barrells in Ardleigh 1700s

If William baptised 1733 is our ancestor then this is his family:

Children of William and Elizabeth Barrell

(This information is gleaned from FreeReg)

William Barrell baptised 28 April 1733

John Barrell baptised 20 April 1735 (burial John, infant, 27 February 1736)

John Barrell baptised 24 October 1736

Elizabeth Barrell baptised 12 August 1739

Mary Barrell baptised 21 January 1744/5

Sarah Barrell baptised 9 March 1746/7

I have tried to make sense of the information in the Ardleigh Parish Registers but a lot of this is conjecture.

Parents William and Elizabeth

William possibly died in 1754, burial 30 November 1754.  Elizabeth possibly remarried  - John Bedford (Wheelwright), Elizabeth Barrell (widow) 20 April 1756.  Witnesses, John Bond, Thos. Barker.

William Barrell baptised 1733

William Barrell bapt. 1733 possibly married Mary Porter 22 July 1765.  Witnesses, Thos. Barker, Thos. Nevard.  There is a possibility that Mary died 1 April 1794 although this burial could also be for Mary Barrell bapt. 1764 base born child of Mary Barrell bapt. 1744/5. (If she did die then there is a possible remarriage for William bapt. 1733 to Elizabeth Vince 5 January 1794 (BUT see ages below in 1796))

There is a burial for a William Barrell 24 October 1737.  This could conceivably be for William bapt. 1733 grandfather for example.

John Barrell baptised 1736

Possible marriage to Margaret Barkin 8 February 1759.  John Baril (wheelwright).  Witnesses Thos. Barker, Wm. Bond.  The entry in FreeReg says “signed William Barrell “ where the groom should be ????  There is a possible child of this marriage, John, baptised 26 August 1759.

Elizabeth Barrell baptised 1739

Presumably Elizabeth was not a widow in 1856 and the marriage in 1856 was not hers.  If not then there is a possible marriage to William Went 18 December 1764, witnesses Thos. Hobb, Samuell Clarke.

Mary Barrell baptised 1744/5

There are two baseborn children, Mary, baptised 18 November 1764 and John baptised 14 December 1783.  Possible marriage of Mary 1764 to Johnathan Bull (Great Waltham) 8th April 1788, witnesses John Bedford, Geo. Watts).

Sarah Barrell baptised 1746/7

Possible marriage to Samual Francis 5 January 1775, witnesses John Barrell, William Went.

Barrells from Ardleigh in 1796 by F H Erith

In 1796, the vicar of Ardleigh, John Kelly, fearing that England would be overun by the French compiled a list of all the people in Ardleigh.  This has been compiled by F. H. Erith who has added a large amount of information and annotation.  The book, "Ardleigh in 1796, its farms, families and local government", was published by Hugh Tempest Radford, East Bergholt, Suffolk in 1978. (ISBN 0 906290 04 X).

There are some Barrells in it:

[667] Sarah Barrell 17 servant at Martell Hall

19-12-95 paid Mr Francis [275] for things for girl Barrell 7/-

1798 pauper at Langham. Ardleigh admitted responsibility.

note that Sarah Barrell  1746/7  married a Samuel Francis. [275] is a William Francis farmer 30 and wife Sarah Francis 28 and family.

[779] Elizabeth Barrell daughter 22 living with Vince family, married Wm. Barrell 1794

If she was only 20 when she married Wm Barrell then it is unlikely that the William Barrell is William 1733 (??) Wm would be 60 in 1796. There is no Wm Barrell recorded as living there.

Elizabeth Barrell 11-7-95. Gave William Barrels wife to go to her husband 3/6. 

29-7-95 paid expenses apprehending Jas Barrell bringing him home.

[14] John Bedford wheelwright 62, died 1801, married 1756 Eliz. Barrell

[556] Abraham Robinson son (absent) 17 married Lucy Barrell children 1804 Sarah.

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