Barrett Family History

My direct ancestors are shown in red.

To summarise:

Henry Barrett married Elizabeth Smith

Daughter Elizabeth Barrett married Charles Phelps

Daughter Emma Phelps married James Davis Smith

Daughter Elizabeth Davis Smith married Frederick Henry Kemshaw

IMG 0018

Elizabeth and Henry Barrett ?

(My mother identified this photograph as her great grandparents.  From the ladies dress and hairstyle this photo would date to early 1860s.  Henry died in 1856 so it would have to be before this.  If not then it could be Elizabeth and her son Thomas and would have to be later)

Barrett Family Bible

I haven't seen the original.  It looks like the last entries are by Ethel Davis Smith who married George Johnson.  It was transcribed for me by Doreen Johnson, married French Fryer, who is Ethels daughter.  I have added the the bits in brackets.

Henry Barrett born June 5th 1803

Elizabeth Barrett was born July 14th 1812

Elizabeth Barrett was born April 3rd 1835

Elias Smith was born March 3rd 1820

Emma Barrett was born March 20th 1841

Harry Barrett was born November 23rd 1843

Thomas Barrett was born June 10th 1846

Elizabeth (Barrett) died February 16th 1883 aged 70yrs,

at half past two in the afternoon

Harry Phelps died October 5th aged 17

Thomas Barrett died June 12th (1884)

Emma Barrett died October 11th (1864)

Harry Barrett died May 14th (1875)

Elias (Davis Smith) died March 26th 1920

Dad (James Davis Smith) died April 21st 1923


Halmore, Tything of Hinton.

Thomas Smith                   65                     Farmer

Elizabeth Smith                 60

Henery Barrett                   30                    Ag. Lab.

Elizabeth Barrett                25

Elizabeth Barrett                  5

Emma Barrett                  2 Mo

Henry and family are living with Elizabeths parents Thomas and Elizabeth in Halmore.  We know from the bible that Henry was born in 1803 so he has considerably pruned his age here. Elizabeth was born in 1812 and baptised in 1814. The ages on the 1841 census are reported exactly up to 15 years but after that they are rounded down to the nearest 5 years.  The census was carried out on June 6th. 

In the 1851 census he says he is born in Berkeley but I can find no trace of a Henry Barrett born there.

The most likely candidate is Henry Barrett baptised 15th August 1804, in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, parents Thomas and Ann.


Tything of Hinton.

Purton Road, Schedule 2.

Henry Barrett          Head     mar         47     Butter Dealer, Harrier             Glos.  Berkeley

Elizh Barrett             Wife      mar         39                                                                      "

Elizh Barrett              dau                       15                                                                       "

Emma Barrett            dau                      10        Scholar                                                 "

Henry Barrett             son                       7               “                                                       "

Thomas Barrett          son                      4                                                                        “

Henry Barrett of Halmore died in 1856 aged 53 years and was buried 28th August 1856, Berkeley.

Emma Barrett married James Woodward on the 11th November 1860 at the Church of St James in the Parish of St Michael in the County of Gloucester. He is of full age and she is a minor, they are both of Barton Street.  Fathers are Thomas Woodward, Pilot and Henry Barrett, Grocer.

I have a copy of a will that mentions:

“Mr Thomas Barrett sold the property to Mr James Woodward...”

In 1881 James Woodward is a Canal Pilot at schedule 44 in Purton.

In 1891 James Woodward is recorded as an Innkeeper and farmer at schedule 154 Halmore

Doreen Fryer also has a card inscribed:

In memory of


(of Halmore)

who departed this life 1864

aged 23 years

Interred in Berkeley Churchyard

Emma Woodward nee Barrett died on the 2nd of October 1864 in Halmore, Hamfallow.  She was the wife of James Woodward, Labourer.  The cause was congestion of the lungs 2 days, mis-carriage in process, certified.  The informant was Ann Fryer in attendance, Hamfallow.


Hinton, Berkeley

Purton Road

Schedule 7

James Woodward      Head       Mar          20         Pilot                            Gloshire, Berkeley

Emma Woodward       Wife        Mar          20                                                      “              “

Schedule 8

Elizabeth Barrett      Head        Widow       40      Beer Retailer              Gloshire, Halmore

Henry Barrett            son                               17        Carpenter                                   "

Thomas Barrett          son                              14                                                             "

Edward Burley            serv.                            31      House Servant                            "

Berkeley, Hamfallow, Schedule 60.

Charles Phelps            Head                     28           Butter Dealer                 Gloucesters. Avening

Elizabeth Phelps         Wife                      26                                                                 “         Slimbridge

Thomas Phelps            son                          2                                                                 “          Berkeley

Emma Phelps              dau                         1                                                                   “             "

Esther White              Servant                 10            Nursemaid                                  “          Slimbridge


Berkeley, Hinton

Halmore, Schedule 67 (68 is Purton)

Elizabeth Barrett      Head        Wid         58            Farmer 8 acres           Glo. shire, Berkeley

Thomas Barrett         son                            24                          “                              “                 "

Emma Phelps            gran.dau.                  11             Scholar                               “                  “

Emma Phelps family are in Wales, she has obviously stayed in Halmore

Berkeley, Tything of Hamfallow.

Hainses Road, Schedule 91. (92 is Pitbrook)

Harry Barrett               Head                    27      Carpenter & Wheelright   Gloucestershire, Berkeley

Elizabeth C. Barrett       wife                   28                                                                   “                      "

Mary E. Barrett               dau                      5                                                                   “                       "

Henry B. Barrett            son                       3                                                                    “                 Bristol

Lilly Barrett                    dau                       1 Month                                                       “                       "

Thomas Phelps             nephew                13                                                                   “                       “

Thomas Phelps has stayed in Halmore as well.

Mary Emma Barrett baptised 3rd December 1865, parents Harry, Carpenter, mother Elizabeth Constance, Wanswell.

I cannot find any baptisms for the other children.

Henry Barrett died in 1875 and Elizabeth remarried Alfred Haines.


Berkeley, Hinton.

Schedule 13 (15 is Halmore)

Elizabeth Barrett               Head        wid.     68     Shop and Beerhouse keeper   Glou’shire, Halmore

Thomas Barrett                  son                        34     Farm labourer                                      “                "

Charles Phelps                   grandson              13       Scholar                                         South Wales

Schedule 100

Alfred Haines                      Head        Mar          46                 Grocer                                   Guernsey

Elizabeth C. Haines            Wife        Mar          38                                                      Glo’shire, Berkeley

Constance G. Haines          dau                              1                                                              “                 "

Mary Emma Barrett           Boarder                     15                 Scholar                               “                 "

Harry B. Barrett                           “                          13                     “                                      “                 "

Lily Barrett                                    “                         10                      “                                      “                 "

Thomas Barrett                            “                           6                       “                                     “                 "

Berkeley, Hamfallow

Halmore, Schedule 79 (76 is Acton Hall)

Charles Phelps                      Head      Mar               50       Farm Labourer         Glostershire, Avening

Elizabeth Phelps                   Wife        Mar              46                                                        “       Slimbridge

James Phelps                         son                               19                    “                                   “           Berkeley

Henry Phelps                         son                               16                    “                                    “      Slimbridge

Elias Phelps                            son                             12                Scholar               Wales, Blanavon, Mon.

George Phelps                        son                              9                       “                       Glostershire, Berkeley


Hamfallow, Halmore, Schedule 154.

(155 is Acton Hall, 158 is William Smith and family)

Charles Phelps                      Head          Mar         58        Farm Labourer     Gloucestershire, Avening

Elizabeth Phelps                   Wife           mar         56                                                     “            Slimbridge

Elias Phelps                            son                             21        Gas Stoker      Carmarthenshire, Llanfadogh

George Phelps                        son                             19                 “                          Glou’shire, Berkeley


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