Marie-Adèle Rajandream

I met Marie-Adèle when she came to Cambridge in 1991, she was 27.  Her husband Jan Pieter Abrahams had come to be a postdoc at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology where I worked.  Like many postdoc wives she was stuck in Cambridge without anything to do and she volunteered to work for free as a computer programmer at the laboratory in order to gain experience.  I heard about this and arranged to meet her and organised a project for her working with Frank Mallet in Structural Studies.  Frank was developing a fluorescent DNA sequencer for us and needed someone working on the computer interface.  

A year later I managed to get some money for her and hired her on a consultancy basis.  I needed a CV for her and this is what she wrote.

Curriculum vitae of Marie-Adèle Rajandream

Date of birth : 26-1-1964

Nationality : British

Marital status : Married 1987

I have spent most of my life in the Netherlands.  In March 1991 I moved to Cambridge to join my husband who is a scientist.  From mid April 1991 until June 1992 I have been employed at the Medical Research Council (MRC) in Cambridge as a volunteer.  Now I work there on a free lance basis as a consultant.  I am developing a software user interface for a laser scanner used in a scientific project.  I am involved in software design and programming.

Most of my experience has been in business computing, using COBOL and ADS/Online, as detailed below.

At the MRC I have been working in a VMS environment.  I mostly use FORTRAN-77 but have gained a working knowledge of C developing programs on an Alliant FX/2800.

Recently I attended a introductory course on the X Window System (Version 11) which I am now learning to work with, since this will provide the front end of the system I am currently developing.

Secondary Schooling:

In 1982 I did A-level equivalents at the “Erste Christelijk Lyceum” Grammar School in Haarlem in the subjects: Latin, Greek, English, Dutch, German, French and History.

1982-1987 Leiden University Art History

I specialized in modern art and in video art in particular.  I did introductory courses on computers and BASIC.  I also did a project on computer art.  This consisted of research into the history of Computer Art and writing a short dissertation.

During my study I was temporarily employed as a work experience student at MonteVideo Foundation for Electronic Media Arts, a workshop and media art gallery in Amsterdam.  My main activity was developing a system for the retrieval of literature on media art using a database package.  Another activity was to write press releases for the MonteVideo Foundation.

Whilst at university I also studied for A-levels in Mathematics and Physics.

In 1987 I received a Masters Degree in Art History.


In 1985 I became a regular contributor to “Mediamatic”, an international magazine on media art.

Temporary appointment

From April until October 1987 I was employed at the Kijkhuis, a gallery for video art in The Hague.  My main activity was organizing art shows.

1988 Feb.-Mid March

I worked as a volunteer at the MonteVideo Foundation compiling an illustrated catalogue of its video art collection.

1988 March –Nov.

I did a full time information technology course for university graduates.  The course offered the following subjects:

- The use of several software designing methods.

- Programming in COBOL-74, dBaseIII+ and Oracle SQL.

- Project Managing Skills.

- Several techniques for designing automated systems.

- Scheduling projects.

As part of the course I built three applications in dBaseIII+ at Record Service Benelux in Breda.  This large company is a distributor for several record companies.  The applications were focussed on data management and report generation for the logistics department.  For each application I wrote a users guide and a programmers manual.  At the end of the course I was awarded a proficiency certificate in information technology.

1989 Jan. – Dec.

I was employed as a trainee in analysis and programming in IDMS at “De Veer Automaterising B.V.” I was stationed at the “Robeco Groep”, an investment company in Rotterdam.

I also attended the following courses at “Computer Associates”:

- Database Concepts and Facilities

- IDMS/R Database Navigation

- Application Development with IDMS/Online

- Report Generation with OLQ

- Advanced Techniques with ADS/Online

- Logical Database Design

I gained experience in developing in COBOL-DML, ADS/Online, using OLQ, working in a CMS environment and writing user guides for applications.

1990 Jan.- March ‘91

I was employed at the Robeco Groep as a junior programmer.  During this year I gained experience in using the MVS operating system, especially its time sharing option and the ISPF dialog manager.  I developed batch programs under MVS in COBOL-2, a mixture of CBOL-85 and COBOL-DML.  I was a member of the software maintenance team.

While working at the “Robeco Groep” I was given the opportunity of attending an investment course, obtaining a proficiency certificate.

Other Interests

My outside interests are writing about modern art and teaching aerobics.  I recently passed the exam for the English R.S.A. (Royal Society of the Arts) certified Exercise to Music Teachers Course.  I teach an aerobics class once a week at the Frank Lee Leisure Centre in Cambridge.

At the moment I am putting the finishing touch to an article on video art in the Netherlands which is a contribution to a survey about modern art in the Netherlands from 1970-1990 edited by two art historians from Leiden University

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