Photographs Kemshaw Family in Canada 1940s - 1960s

Left to Right:      David Walter Kemshaw I, David Warren Kemshaw, David Walter Kemshaw II.


Canada002b copy


Kemshaw Family 1st July 1961

Left to Right: 

Back:  Helen and Harold George Kemshaw, Lillian Amy (nee Kemshaw) and Jack (John Tyson) Mawson, Jeanne and David Walter Kemshaw II.

Front:  Robert D. Kemshaw, David Warren Kemshaw, George Victor Kemshaw

Canada Xmas

Jack (John) Tyson Mawson, George Victor Kemshaw, Lilian Amy Mawson nee Kemshaw, Robert D. Kemshaw, David Walter Kemshaw I, Helen Elizabeth Kemshaw nee ?.


Canada Xmas back

Pre May 1948

Jack (John) Tyson Mawson, David Walter Kemshaw I.

Jeanne Kemshaw nee Munro, Florence Kate Kemshaw nee Fildes.

Ethel Florence Henderson nee Kemshaw. Lilian Amy Mawson nee Kemshaw, Margaret Henderson

Edward LeRoy Henderson

Neighbours children at front.

Donna Dougie Diane

Edward Leroy Henderson’s children

Douglas Henderson, Donna Henderson.

Diane Henderson.

Donna Dougie Diane back

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