Walter Kemshaw’s Family

Walter Kemshaw married Lydia Parker in Walditch, Dorset on the 29th January 1871. They had four children.

Ada Rosa Kemshaw, baptised 27th September 1871 in Walditch, Dorset.

Sarah Anne Kemshaw, baptised 19th October 1873 in Walditch, Dorset.

David Walter Kemshaw, born 9th November 1875, baptised 12th December 1875 in Walditch, Dorset.

Frederick Henry Kemshaw, born 30th November 1877 in Bristol,  baptised 14th March 1880 in Walditch, Dorset.

Lydia Kemshaw nee Parker died 1901

Walter died on the 4th February 1924 aged 76 at 1, Union Road, Keynsham, Bristol. His occupation was given as Oldland R. D., Shoemaker (Finisher). Cause of death was Carcinoma of stomach, Exhaustion, Cardiac Failure. Informant was F T Huxtable, Occupier, 1 Union Road, Keynsham.  If he was born in 1843 then his real age would have been 80.

Ada Kemshaw Family

Ada Kemshaw married Thomas Masters on the 15th March 1901, in St Pauls, Bristol.  My mother said he only had one arm and whistled all the time! 

They had two children. 

Nellie Kemshaw Masters was born 15th June 1905. She married Reginald Percy Mildren in 1938 in Bristol.  She was 33 and he was a greengrocer aged 31. They were living at 26 (Reginald) and 34 (Nellie) North Street, Bedminster, Bristol.  His father was listed as John Henry Thomas, Stepfather, Greengrocer. Hers as Thomas Henry Masters, Bootmaker.  Witnesses were Gilbert Price Morgan and Thomas Henry Masters.  The marriage was at the Ebeneezer Methodist Church, British Road, Bedminster, Bristol. I have searched for 10 years after the marriage but found no children. Nellie Kemshaw Mildren died in September 1997.

Olive Sabina Masters was born 1909.  She married Gordon C A England.

Sarah Anne Kemshaw

Sarah Anne Kemshaw died 0n the 19th November 1897 at 5 The Rookery, Bristol. Her occupation was given as Cocoa Packer.  Cause of death was Phthisis (tuberculosis) 18 months. Informant was W. Kemshaw, father, present at the death.

David Walter Kemshaw Family

David Walter Kemshaw married Florence Fildes, 29th September 1901 in St Barnabas, Bristol.

They had four children

Ethel Florence Kemshaw born 1902

David Walter Kemshaw born born 1903

Lillian Amy Kemshaw born 1905

Harold George Kemshaw born 1908

David and his family emigrated to Canada 1913/1914. See [Kemshaw Family History in Canada]

David died in Coquitlam, Canada 15 April 1961

Frederick Henry Kemshaw

Frederick Henry Kemshaw married Elizabeth (Bessie) Davis Smith in St Marys, Berkeley, Gloucestershire 18th October 1902. 

They had four children.

Annie Florence Kemshaw born 1904

Grace Dorothy Kemshaw born 1908

Ethel May Kemshaw born 1910

Freda Marjorie Kemshaw born 1914

In WW1 Frederick Kemshaw was a Sergeant in the Royal Engineers.  He died at my parents house in Eastwood Park, Falfield, Gloucestershire in 1961.

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